Every deck makes a difference.

The undangerr card deck depicting endangered animals was created as a passionate college project that got a lot of attention.

We want to seize this chance and use this attention for a good cause.

This is why every purchase is directly linked with a donation to a charity of your choice!

Every 30 days we will publish all donations on our social media channels.

10,000 species

of animals become extinct every single year (estimated by WWF). Without us humans this rate would be 1,000 times smaller!

So we think it is our all responsibility to make up for it!

You decide!

Some of you want to support larger organizations because they have more influence and power. Others prefer smaller charities because their administrative costs are much lower and the money can be spent more effectively. 

Why don't you decide where you want your donation to go?:) Just select the preferred charity when making your purchase.

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  • Endangered Species International

    "We save the remaining forests and endangered
    species at any costs and are committed to rehabilitating
    whatever others have destroyed."

  • WWF

    "Our mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth."

  • Wild Animal Initiative

    "We want to make life better for wild animals."

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Human after all

The team behind undangerr is just two students from Germany (Jonas & Marius). Our university project got a lot of attention which encouraged us to turn this design concept into a real deck of playing cards.

We want to reach as many people like you as possible so that we can really see changes in the lives of endangered animals🖤.